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Apollo GT came from Vietnam as one of the boat people escaping the communist country in 1981. He was the young artist attending the fourth grade in Arlington, VA. Key School was his first school in America. Though he had to learn English as fast as possible to keep up with his classmates, his artistic ability was soon to be noticed by his fourth grade homeroom teacher and his classmates and that propelled him to the front of popularity. He was a shy boy from a large family but his mother had passed away before he was taken by his older siblings out of Vietnam. His father was left behind with 2 of his oldest brothers. Being the youngest, he had to endure the abuse from his 4 remaining sisters and brothers in America without the protection from his parents. Barely a teenager, he started his new life in America not knowing where he will end up. He had only one wish through out his childhood and that was to see his father again. With that wish held dearly to his heart, he must endure all the abuse from his older siblings.

He put himself through college and in 1994 as he was graduating, his wish came true, his siblings managed to sponsor their dad over to America directly from Vietnam. Apollo GT came back home to live at his oldest sister's house since that was where his father was staying. All was good until one year later his father died and his abusive oldest sister acted up again. But now he's much older and no longer had a father. He had no reason to put up with her or anyone else. Being a Rooster and a Leo, his personality shines brightly. He retaliated against his siblings from mistreating him and set out to be the man he is today.

Apollo GT is a photographer, pastel portraiture, magazine publisher, runway coach, poet and actor.

Name: Apollo GT

Known for: Black Panther